Organisational Leadership -my thought of the day

I was intrigued by the article by Steve Tappin today called “End Of Days For White, Male, Stale CEOs?” in linked in, and the comment about a new breed of CEO’s running on an emerging market, powered by dreams, entrepreneurship, innovation and belief drew me in. The possibility that we can change the thoughts of the professional managers working within their boundaries / budgets is something I have been looking at for years through organisational culture analysis. I think its the control and blame culture that needs to be altered to facilitate these profound changes. The organisation is no longer a machine but a living social being and people need to be engaged and excited in order to drive the company vision forward. We need to focus on our people more as well as the leadership, its great to have visions and dreams but these need to be effectively communicated through the organisation. An organisation can be very powerful when everyone is focused on the same goal and the culture is right.