What is your customer experience?

How do you introduce yourself at networking? How do you convey your services to others? More importantly how do you make your customers feel?

This is something I have always struggled with in my mentoring service. You can list the benefits like clarity and more time and carefully planned goals. Does that get you excited about the service or give a feeling/emotion, I think not.

I always look at what my client needs from the relationship each time, I need to ensure that their expectations are known and make it clear how I work. After conversations this week I have seen that this is not always the case leaving individuals frustrated with the gap between what the expect and what they receive in the work that is carried out. I am interested in how you ensure that this is clear.

Do you ever find it hard to convey how your client feels when they experience your services? I have been asking my clients for testimonials which helps with recommendations but just lately I have asked differently. I have shared that I find it hard to put the experience into words so that others can understand what it is like to work with me. Today I received the following story that I am truly grateful for and wanted to share with you. I ask that you read to the end as my USP that I have failed to convey is finally getting into words by my clients and I cannot thank them enough for bravely sharing what they feel.

So I ask you to do the same and look forward to hearing your stories.

Angela isn’t simply a rare breed of business mentor, she’s a rare breed of person. Ever since I met her (in 2016), I knew that when the time came, I wanted to work with Angela to help me to make my vision a reality… way over and above any of the typical, ‘find them at every business expo’, ‘dime-a-dozen’ (probably lovely and highly skilled), ‘franchise-esque’, business mentors.

Angela’s portfolio of very happy clients (which now includes me), doesn’t just stem from her extensive and broad ranging industry knowledge, or the battle scars won from her days spent competing (and consistently coming out on top), from within the senior ranks of a highly demanding and highly competitive engineering background… But also from, a) the fact that Angela conveys a level of compassion, sincerity, humanity, warmth & drive that is both endearing and enormously refreshing, b) the fact that it’s immediately apparent that she really, really, really wants to get you across the goal line, and c) prepare yourself… Because Angela has the most frighteningly astute level of intuition that you’re ever likely to come across. Even of you’re not consciously holding anything back from her, she’ll come running in with “Something’s telling me that I really need to say/mention / discuss this” and its relevance and profundity will floor you every time.

Angela, thank you, sincerely. I am so, so looking forward to the road ahead. I’m ready. Let’s do this.