A business Journey for Tigers – A book where you delve into the journey of your business and personal journey and find your path to success.
This book will teach you the steps to walking your business process and reigniting that passion with your business again. Systems do not have to be boring and restrictive they can work in harmony with your people and ensure that you consistently deliver your vision.

System stands for – Method, Order, and correct Sequencing. Whenever there is an unsystematic interaction, call it human intervention or preferences, your goal can only be achieved in a random manner. If people are doing things their way not the system how can things be consistent? If you do not get consistent service what do you to? Go elsewhere!

It is truly amazing what you can achieve when you decide to make a change. This book is art of my action for Tigers, and part of the proceeds will go to Tiger Time part of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. I took action by sharing my knowledge, helping businesses achieve clarity and harmony in their systems. Are you ready to step things up? 

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“Enjoy your journey of discovery and embrace those elements of Angela’s book that you find most challenging, as they are the areas that you need most of all to be working on. And above all, have fun putting the book into practice because if you do, you will find that you and those around you will have fun fun thereafter as a result.” Rob Carter – Non Executive Director and Business Coach