Are you ready for ISO9001:2015?

Why not get some advice for the ISO9001 update, it is important not to panic. Chances are you are already doing a lot of the requirements but need to ensure that your evidence reflects this. As a chartered Quality Professional I have had chance to comment and get involved with the Draft publication, I can translate the standard into easy to understand requirements.

My aim is to be the trusted individual that you open up your doors to and be involved in your success story by going on the journey to accreditation or achieving your desired goals.


My audit package is aimed differently as I get to know your people and culture first looking at their needs as well as business and customer needs. The company procedures, documentation, mission and objectives will all be taken into account along with the current accreditations running. This may sound like a very big picture to digest but open’s up many opportunities. Your system will just reflect what you and fit in with your business, not be an add on with high maintenance. When a system is designed well it will be agile and flexible to grow with you instead of adding barriers. I believe structure is essential for growth, it is easy to steer and instruct a tug boat but what happens when your vessel has become a cruise ship? Have a good system and it will run well.

If you take away anything from this page then ask your self these questions:

  • What are your company objectives?
  • Do these objectives fit into the company vision for the future?
  • Do your processes match the vision and are they efficient?
  • Do you understand the context and complexity of your business?
  • Does everyone know about these objectives throughout the company and see the same vision?
  • Do employees understand where they fit into the big picture, what does it mean to them?
  • Do employees know the value of what they contribute to the company?

My very best wishes

Angela Fumpson



Tim Martin (Sales & Marketing)

Sales processes are key to being on top of your leads and enquiries. With experience of many types of CRM, and order processing systems Tim assists White Tiger to ensure we have an efficient and effective Sales pipeline and manages the business social media.

Mrs Angela Fumpson (Founder & Managing Director)

Angela is a chartered quality professional with over 20 years experience in the automotive and Engineering industry. Angela is an active member of the Regional Operations Panel and Advisory Council for the CQI and chair of the Bristol branch always looking to support her local business community. With a passion for quality and building integrated management systems that add value to a business she created White Tiger in July 2013. Angela is also a business mentor for the Fredericks Foundation and sits on the their lending panels. Angela has been fascinated by Tigers since knee high and continues to support work for saving them.