Customer focus is key to customer satisfaction but not at the detriment of your business needs. We all know customers can be pretty demanding in their requirements and even more so within heavily regulated industries. So many times there is no chance to even quote if there is no certificate on the wall for a list of standards! How many times have you looked at other customers and thought it is easy for them they just throw in more money, add extra individuals, fill out an extra form or two and success. It is not always that easy for the smaller company, that are being careful with planning and managing time and staff. In our experience it is possible to adopt the best parts of a standard that add value to your business and demonstrate this to the customer – avoiding the necessity of accreditation but meeting the customers specification for a project. Of course it is not always possible to do this but we certainly do not advise that standards are just added on for the customer without careful planning and applying it to your own business needs. White Tiger can help you with this.


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So what tips do we have:

You know your market and your customers, build on these relationships and get in to earlier quote stages. Know the certifications required in the customer field it may be that you can adopt the areas they need to fulfil the contract. That way you are meeting their needs without the further expense of managing new audits and certificates. You are the expert in your field, demonstrate this knowledge to them. You will more often than not find a cheaper or more efficient way of manufacturing due to applying your process knowledge to their design. Build on these customer relations and reputation and demonstrate you ability to comply with their needs.