At White Tiger one of the main areas of focus is improvement and training, one quote I remember fondly is that ‘the most successful corporation of the 1990’s will be the learning organisation’. Although this is a very old quote I believe it is still true today. Where White Tiger can help is to be a sounding board and a source of knowledge to help start the process.

You can contact us for an informal chat with a chartered Quality Professional / business mentor, we may just be the fresh pair of eyes that spot where new opportunities lie. We are always happy to help.


Process Mapping

Everyone needs to meet and exceed their customers expectations at a cost that is right to both. If you can do this for your internal and external customers I would say you have a Quality Process. White Tiger can help from the start of defining a new business to looking at the existing processes of an established business. It does not matter what size your business is, the aim is to step back look at the flow and find the most efficient way of working. On improvement projects we will aid with the defining of controls for your operations, materials, time, waste and aid with the collecting of data for analysis. We have partners that specifically deal with computer systems and software that aid paperless manufacturing.

There are often so many opportunities if you only had the time and extra resources to call upon – well now you have. We are here to support your success. Often large benefits can be had from the smallest of changes so start on that continuous improvement journey today and we’ll show you how.

Managing change

White Tiger take a different approach, you do not want a consultant that does not understand your business coming in and telling you what to do so we don’t! We come in and work at shop floor level working with people to understand what really goes on. Management and employee perspectives can be very different but if you align them to reach the same objective you win. Sometimes process changes and re-training is not effective due to the fear of change by individuals. This is where White Tiger can help with the effective management of change by gaining an in depth knowledge of the organisations culture and people before changes are discussed or made. Offering employees and the company the support they need.

It can be very difficult to change what individuals have created over time and may be taken personally as a destruction of their legacy. This is usually the case in long standing institutions with embedded cultures, but taking a fresh new approach and leading by example is the way forward. We can come in as an independent facilitator on projects such as these and thus take the personal element out.

Find out more about our Brain Dump service to give you a clearer picture of your business process.

Brain Dump



Tim Martin (Sales & Marketing)

Sales processes are key to being on top of your leads and enquiries. With experience of many types of CRM, and order processing systems Tim assists White Tiger to ensure we have an efficient and effective Sales pipeline and manages the business social media.

Mrs Angela Fumpson (Founder & Managing Director)

Angela is a chartered quality professional with over 20 years experience in the automotive and Engineering industry. Angela is an active member of the Regional Operations Panel and Advisory Council for the CQI and chair of the Bristol branch always looking to support her local business community. With a passion for quality and building integrated management systems that add value to a business she created White Tiger in July 2013. Angela is also a business mentor for the Fredericks Foundation and sits on the their lending panels. Angela has been fascinated by Tigers since knee high and continues to support work for saving them.