Stronger Together

Anew Day - We are stronger together.
A new day

We hear time and time again that if we believe it will happen, we call it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Most people will not achieve their amazing potential because they simply cannot or are unwilling to believe that it is possible. Me included it is hard to see yourself in a position that you may not be ready for or believe you are that person than can step up. Sometimes it is a fear of that success and who you need to be.

In these difficult times people are working miracles doing the impossible, yes it takes effort, gumption but if you believe you can make a difference then you will. One step at a time – before you know it you will be looking back in awe of what has just happened. Search out the good news, see the amazing efforts of all involved in turning this situation around and contributing – see what is possible. Let’s use this time to propel our thinking into just what is possible for us and the ones around us – look for the miracles.

When we look at things from a business perspective with our capacity to believe and know right from wrong; how are we acting. Are you doing what is right? When others see you acting in line with a sound value system, acting fair and just then they will see you as generous and principled in these times. Your staff, business network, customers & suppliers will move heaven and earth for you because of this; people will help to see you through if they can. Why? Because they believe what you believe in.

But what if we have to go down a different path? Yes we have a difficult road ahead but we have everything inside us right now to handle this situation – we must believe that and look inwards. Step up to be the visionary that you are, allow time to see that destination. Don’t get hung up on the hows straight away because that will stop us dreaming and our imagination and innovation getting to work. We can be so resourceful and resilient and we do not have to do this alone, reach out and share your ideas with others.

I wholeheartedly acknowledge that thinking positively is difficult when we see the trauma around us but we are so powerful and can make a difference by focusing on the vision of what happens on the other side of this. All I can say is that with a good balanced routine and repeating your chosen positive affirmations over and over to yourself , your subconscious mind will eventually accept them as fact. Our minds are extremely powerful and so is our prayer.

“Might throws itself on the side of those who believe in right”

Napoleon Hill

I will to finish on this thought:
We are called to belong not just believe, we discover our role through relationships with others.
None of us can fulfil our duties alone, reach out, support and be supported.

If you would like to have a conversation I am always here.

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