Thank you for choosing – A business Journey For Tigers

Today I wanted to reach out to say thank you to all those who have recently bought a book from me. I share a recent thank you from DSWF – The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation:

Dear, Dear Angela, I hope you are well and safe during these strange and uncertain times. On behalf of everyone at David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, I am writing to say a huge thank you for your donation of £45 towards our tiger projects. With your invaluable support, we can continue to protect the endangered wild tiger in its natural habitats. In less than 100 years, tiger populations have plummeted by 96% to as few as 3,800 in the wild today. However, through generous donations from supporters such as you, we are able to fund ground-based tiger conservation initiatives in India, Thailand and Russia, and provide funding for undercover investigations and exposés into the illegal wildlife trade. We are also calling for a total ban in all tiger parts and derivatives through our TigerTime campaign. By lobbying on a governmental level and supporting law enforcement, habitat protection, education and community engagement programmes, DSWF is fighting from grass roots to the world-stage to protect this iconic species and give it the best possible chance of survival in the wild. None of this would be possible without your support, so thank you again for your valued contribution.

With many thanks and warmest wishes,

Alicia van den Abeele

Fundraising and Database Executive David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Visit their website at to find out more. Also, please do sign up to their monthly E-newsletter and bi-annual ‘Wildlife Matters’ magazine at to keep up to date with our ongoing work to protect tigers and other endangered species.