Why Tigers you ask?

From a small girl only knee high I was fascinated by the Tiger, as time went on I became interested in all wild cats but the White Tiger particularly captured my heart. I grew up in Wales but had family across the bridge in Bristol so I have many memories of staring through the glass at the White Tigers who were resident at the zoo then. They are such beautiful creatures and to think there are only a few thousand left in the world saddens me immensely.

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This is the reason I have vowed to do what I can to support the goal for increasing their numbers. My chosen charity to support is TigerTime which will be benefiting from the sales of my book soon to be released, please support where you can.

Join in with Tiger Talks bringing fantastic speakers together for an afternoon of value, every penny of the ticket sales is going to Tiger Time so show your support the next event is on Sunday the 17th September 2017, at Kings Weston House. Click on the Tiger Talk Logo to book or visit the website www.TigersTalks.co.uk




As forest dwellers, tigers play a critical part in the eco-systems that keep us all alive but, since the turn of the last century we have lost almost 97% of the world’s wild tigers. Protecting the precious populations that remain and their forest homes means that we protect us all.

At TigerTime we work to protect wild tigers in India, Thailand and the Russian Far East.  We combine anti-poaching, park protection and undercover investigations into wildlife crime with demand reduction, education and community outreach programs, helping to raise awareness and to change hearts and minds so that tigers can thrive and survive and our campaign to end the trade in tigers forms a key part in everything that we do.

The tiger has been in crisis for over 100 years; keeping its plight at the forefront of people’s thoughts and on the international agenda is vital if we want our children and their children to grow up in a world with wild tigers.  We believe that change only comes when you engage individuals, communities and businesses to act together.

Working with White Tiger to raise funds and awareness is one example of that engagement. With our rapidly expanding social media reach we can help like-minded individuals and businesses share their passion for tiger conservation and, we hope, create a network of mutual support for each other and for wild tigers.

Vicky Flynn
Head of Brand and Communications

To sign up to our petition to ban the trade in tigers see www.bantigertrade.com


Tim Martin (Sales & Marketing)

Sales processes are key to being on top of your leads and enquiries. With experience of many types of CRM, and order processing systems Tim assists White Tiger to ensure we have an efficient and effective Sales pipeline and manages the business social media.

Mrs Angela Fumpson (Founder & Managing Director)

Angela is a chartered quality professional with over 20 years experience in the automotive and Engineering industry. Angela is an active member of the Regional Operations Panel and Advisory Council for the CQI and chair of the Bristol branch always looking to support her local business community. With a passion for quality and building integrated management systems that add value to a business she created White Tiger in July 2013. Angela is also a business mentor for the Fredericks Foundation and sits on the their lending panels. Angela has been fascinated by Tigers since knee high and continues to support work for saving them.