The Mission

The White Tiger Mission is to enable companies to carry out their processes more efficiently with the Quality Management and Improvement support they need at the right cost for the company. We aim to develop lasting relationships built on trust  and satisfaction giving expert knowledge that can be taken forward on a continuous improvement journey.

Working together as a team to achieve your goal and our mission.



Quality is Key and fundamental to customer satisfaction, our aim is to provide exceptional quality at a the right price. A bespoke service tailored to every company who ultimately define their expectations of what they deem as a quality service. Our business is built on reputation and word of mouth and we are passionate about making Quality Count.

Continuous Improvement:

White Tiger must also continually improve on services so that we can exceed the customer expectations every time. To do this and keep ahead of the competition there is a continued professional development ethos to review and partake in training for Quality, management and Improvement strategies. We will also undertake new training related to specific customer requirements and standards when contracted to do so.

Communication / confidential information:

We will always aim to communicate in a way that each of us understands,  ensuring that all company sensitive documentation and information is treated as confidential. If you have any questions or requirements regarding confidentiality we are able to handle these issues  at early contract stages. It is essential that we always communicate openly and honestly so that both companies can understand each others perspective on the task at hand. Trust is essential so that we work together effectively to achieve your final goal.